The Painter is the twenty-first episode of the first season on Mad About You, which was aired on May 15, 1993.

Summary Edit

Paul feels no jealousy about leaving Jamie alone in the apartment with an ex-boyfriend of hers when she hires him to paint the place, but Paul gets an unpleasant surprise when he returns home from work and finds the guy in bed with, of all people... Fran. From then on, Paul and Jamie somehow get involved in finding out how Mark and Fran decided to split up.

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  • John Pankow as Ira Buchman
  • Rick Rossovich as Sherman Williams

Trivia Edit

  • Mark asks Jaime and Paul if they've ever seen the movie "Alien", to which Paul replies "only the first one". Paul Reiser co-starred in the sequel.
  • The character Sherman Williams, the painter, could be a play on the paint company "Sherwin-Williams" which is a Fortune 500 company originally founded in 1866 primarily dealing in paints.

Quotes Edit

Paul: You had a jealous fight and he threw you through the door! Are you all right?
Jamie: Now why do you assume he would throw me through the... why wouldn't I throw him through the door?
Paul: Physics.

Paul: Who's reading Surfer Digest?
Dr. Mark: I am.
Paul: Log Cabin Living. Soldier of Fortune?
Dr. Mark: See these guys? See this guy here, right here, with the ammo belt? That's me.
Paul: You have a tattoo that says "Meet your maker"?