The third season of the sitcom Mad About You which was aired on NBC between September 22, 1994 to May 18, 1995.

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The second season consists of 24 episodes.

No. in series No. in season Image Title Air date Director Writer(s)
48 1 S3E1 "Escape from New York" September 22, 1994 David Steinberg Danny Jacobson & Jeffrey Lane
It's a very hot day in New York City and with their air conditioner on the fritz, Paul and Jamie go out to eat in an effort to beat the heat. They go to their usual restaurant, Riff's, then they start talking about the time when they went to to the Jersey shore, had a great time and the clams were the best, only they can't remember the name of the place. Jamie suggests that they should go back to the Jersey shore and find the clam place because this could be their last chance for fun, since this is the last week of summer; She will be going back to school, Paul should have new film projects, so they should do this now, while they have the time, instead of waiting for next summer like Paul says. Paul agrees and they borrow Fran's car. Jamie tries to get Fran to join them, but she declines and is acting strangely. Jamie finds out Fran has taken her old job and had it for awhile. Jamie is upset over this and feels like she stabbed her in the back. Soon Paul and Jamie find heading on out on their road trip is easier said than done. Paul's Mom calls them and she wants Paul to help move a couch and take it to Lisa's apartment. Paul finds out that Ricky Gold, Paul's old assistant, directed a big movie, that everyone says they love it. Paul is upset, since his old gofer is doing a big thing and he isn't. More problems arise. when Fran's car is being towed away, with Murray in the back seat, since it's double parked. Now Murrary is mad at Paul, when he and Jamie get the car out of impound. While getting a burger for Murrary at Riff's, to make it up for him, Paul gets locked into the car and when they finally get to the Jersey Shore, they can't find the place and they are very hungry. When they finally remember the name of the place and they get there, it's closed. Sadly, they return home, but in the end, all is not lost.
49 2 S3E2 "Home" September 29, 1994 David Steinberg Jack Burditt
Rumors of the building going co-op escalate the hostility between the Buchmans and their British neighbors when the Conways want to take over their apartment to expand theirs. Meanwhile, the Conway's dog and Murray establish much friendlier relations.
50 3 S3E3 "Till Death Do Us Part" October 6, 1994 David Steinberg Danny Jacobson
Paul and Jamie are getting ready to go to Jamie's Uncle Van's funeral. Jamie also was chosen to speak about him and she doesn't know what to say about him except how much she loved him and he loved her. When Lisa arrives, she's dressed in plaid. When asked why, she said he loved plaid and as we soon find out everyone at the funeral was dressed that way too. Jamie gets to decide where to spread his ashes, but she doesn't to know where. Paul suggests that Van's ashes be spread out at the winner's circle at the race track. Jamie agrees since she says that Uncle Van loved being there. Ira is called in to help because he goes to the track and he may know one of the owners, which an only way to get to the winner's circle; If he wins. It turns out Ira knows a horse owner, but he has a gambling problem. Paul, Jamie, Lisa and Ira are at the track and the horse they are hoping to win,is a 50-1 long shot named About to be Glue. Jamie points out that Uncle Van loved long shots. Lisa takes the urn and goes for a hot dog but she forgets it and it's missing. About to be Glue wins the race, but they are unable to spread Uncle Van's ashes in the winner's circle. In the end, the urn can be found in a very appropriate place.
51 4 S3E4 "When I'm Sixty-Four" October 13, 1994 David Steinberg Victor Levin
Wickers, the building superintendent, has a fight with his wife and stays with the Buchmans. Jamie needs to start using eye glasses and hates the idea. She decides to get contact lens. The woman at the store flirts with Paul.
52 5 S3E5 "Legacy" October 20, 1994 David Steinberg Jeffrey Lane (Story/Teleplay) & Steve Paymer (Story)
Paul will be making a short film on airline safety when a passenger boards a plane and Burt is having his annual midnight madness sale at his sporting goods store. Jamie helps Burt on promoting the sale and she finds herself enjoying doing it, since, she's making all the decisions and doesn't have to get approval from her superiors. Jamie also decided to start her own public relations firm. Paul starts to wonder if Jamie can do this and go to school at the same time and she assures him she can. In addition, Paul starts to wonder if she's doing this for herself and not because Paul is having difficulty finding work. Burt is happy with the sales and says he's planning on retiring. Paul tells Jamie about it and he says he'll want to give him the store and he doesn't want it. Jamie tells Paul that he should tell Bert. Jamie gets "Sloopy" Dunbar to appear at the sale and when Burt introduces Ira, as the heir apparent to the store and now Paul is angry because Burt didn't give him the store and he feels that he doesn't believe in him running it. When Paul finally talks to his father, he finds out why he didn't give him the store and it was a good thing.
53 6 S3E6 "Pandora's Box" November 3, 1994 David Steinberg Victor Fresco
Jamie is operating her public relations firm in the apartment and Paul announces that he's the finalist for a grant for his documentary on the History of Television. Problems arise when Paul is watching TV in the living room, doing research and Jamie's trying to her work there as well. Jamie suggests she get an office, but Paul reminds her that they agreed that they can't afford it, then Jamie suggests that Paul move to the bedroom and watch it there, but they don't have cable there and Paul is opposed to get an additional hookup. Fran suggests to Jamie that they could steal cable and she helps her do it and now they have a hookup in the bedroom, behind Paul's back. Paul eventually finds out that the cable in the bedroom is stolen and while dealing with the cable guy on the roof, they come clean with him and they are responsible for getting their entire apartment's cable disconnected. Now everyone is outraged, since they lost their cable and are voicing their displeasure at them. Paul and Jamie go to Riff's, since she has a business meeting with her client, Ira and Paul needs to get away. The restaurant is unusually busy, with their fellow apartment tenants, trying to watch TV and now are starting to take their frustrations out on Paul. Ira says he can help reconnect their apartment and that's when things really go from bad to worse.
54 7 S3E7 "The Ride Home" November 10, 1994 David Steinberg Liz Coe
While mingling at Fran's birthday party, Paul flirts with another woman who may be a new professional possibility for a film of his, after telling her that he's a chiropractor, and Jamie meets and argues with Allen, an ex-boyfriend of hers, over who broke up with whom.
55 8 S3E8 "Giblets for Murray" November 17, 1994 David Steinberg Jeffrey Klarik & Billy Grundfest
It's Thanksgiving; Paul and Jamie are cooking the big Thanksgiving dinner. feast. Paul's, as well as Jamie's parents, Lisa, Ira Fran and Jamie's Aunt Lolly will be there. While cooking, Paul and Jamie keep making frequent stops to the grocery store/deli near their apartment to buy marshmallows,etc to appease everyone, since that's what they want. After their third trip to the store to get salad to make Jamie's mother happy and canned cranberry jelly to make Paul's father happy and while they were gone, the table which was set buffet style (Paul and Jamie's decision) to serve the food, the table, is reset in a traditional way. Both put their foot down and said that the dinner will be done their way. Problems arise, when Murray jumps on the table and feasts on the turkey. In order to save dinner (and face), Paul and Jamie secretly run back to the store separately to buy a turkey, but more problems happen, from a stolen turkey, Paul left outside their door and Jamie throwing the turkey out the window when she panicked. Word eventually gets out what happened, but they too are talking about it secretly.
56 9 S3E9 "Once More with Feeling" December 8, 1994 David Steinberg Victor Levin (Story/Teleplay) & Dan Greenberg (Story)
Paul and Jamie are constantly in a bad mood when they begin arguing every night over their torrid lovemaking and who was better in bed. Meanwhile, Fran and Ira mistakenly think they're to blame for Paul and Jamie's cold behavior towards them.
57 10 S3E10 "The City" Decmeber 15, 1994 David Steinberg Paul Reiser
In this view of the New York City populace at its cynical worst, Paul and Jamie are plagued by turbulent encounters with various strangers throughout the night as they travel across town to have their first meeting with Ira's new girlfriend.
58 11 S3E11 "Our Fifteen Minutes" January 5, 1995 Thomas Schlamme Jack Burditt
PBS asks the Buchmans to film themselves in their apartment for 15 minutes with no cuts for a 'slice of life' documentary.
59 12 S3E12 "How to Fall in Love" January 19, 1995 Thomas Schlamme Jeffrey Lane
While Paul and Jamie are out at Riff's and around town testing pick-up techniques for Paul's new dating video, Ira squares off with Susannah, an old school friend of Jamie's, at the Buchman's apartment with each one refusing to let the other stay there alone.
60 13 S3E13 "Mad About You (Part 1)" February 2, 1995 David Steinberg Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn
In a flashback to January-March 1992, in the three months before Paul and Jamie's wedding, the chaos of planning the wedding only begins as the wedding invitations go out with a misspelling, then the menu choices are changed, no band is selected as well as no cake. Paul also pressures Jamie to quit her chain-smoking habit, who turns to binging.
61 14 S3E14 "Mad About You (Part 2)" February 2, 1995 David Steinberg Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn
With just one week left to Paul and Jamie's wedding, things get even worse when Jamie's wedding dress doesn't fit because of her binging habit. No band is still selected, and Paul's older sister, Debbie, leaves her husband. While Paul and Jamie try to keep both their meddlesome and obnoxious parents at bay, Ira and his friends treat Paul to a bachelor party at a local gentleman's club.
62 15 S3E15 "Just My Dog" February 9, 1995 Thomas Schlamme Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn
Murray is included in a commercial that Paul directs. Murray achieves fame, with all the attention that goes with fame. Jamie becomes a stage mother.
63 16 S3E16 "The Alan Brady Show" February 16, 1995 Gordon Hunt Kenny Schwartz
Paul gets TV legend Alan Brady to narrate his documentary about the history of television. The thing is, Mr. Brady will only do it if his show is mentioned more than it should be.
64 17 S3E17 "Mad Without You" February 23, 1995 Michael Lembeck Billy Grundfest
Jamie goes to Connecticut to help her father for a few days. Paul is home alone and enjoys being king of the house. The time alone is not quite how he expects it to go.
65 18 S3E18 "Purseona" March 9, 1995 Michael Lembeck Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn
Lisa and Jamie seen to swap identities when they accidentally switch purses, leaving Jamie disorganized, Lisa suddenly competent, and Paul stuck without his passport just before he has to leave town to make a documentary on the Yukon wilderness.
66 19 S3E19 "Two Tickets to Paradise" March 30, 1995 Michael Lembeck Rick Wiener
Paul and Jamie are headed off to a tropical island resort given to them by Paul's parents, since they changed their minds about it and the trip is non-refundable, so Paul and Jamie have to pose as Burt and Sylvia Buchman. The trip has no TV or telephones and plenty of activities; Problem is the activities and the people who were matched to them are designed for Paul's parents. Jamie convinces Paul to play a game she used to do with Lisa when they were kids, where they would see how many different people they could be. Soon, they are saying that they are anything from circus performers, rodeo clowns, and a secret service agent. Everybody seems to like them, but Paul and Jamie now have to keep track of the lies and what they told those people when they meet up with them. In addition, Jamie is in trouble when she is confronted by the resort's activity coordinator from all the lies they've told. They suspect that they are not Burt and Sylvia Buchman and this will be turned over to the resort's security. Jamie then tells her that Paul is insane. Now the Activities coordinator is alerting all the guests and staff and everyone is avoiding Paul and Paul doesn't realize what's going on until Jamie tells him what's happening. Now everyone at the resort is convinced that Paul is insane.
67 20 S3E20 "Money Changes Everything" April 27, 1995 Michael Lembeck Victor Fresco
Ira's ex-wife, Marianne, returns where she is now a wealthy person after her second husband died and left her a fortune, which soon leads to a feud between Ira and Paul when Paul refuses to accept an interest-free loan from the recently widowed Marianne.
68 21 S3E21 "Cake Fear" May 4, 1995 Michael Lembeck Jeffrey Lane
It's Paul's birthday once again and he lives in fear when this day comes every year; Not because he's a year older. but as he says, something bad always happens to him. Over the last four years, from 1991-94, we receive a "sample" of Paul's past birthday misfortunes and see why this "haunts" him every year since he was a kid; From Jamie almost leaving him, to having a catered party being given to him and only two people being there due to a freak spring snowstorm to having a surprise party thrown for him and is on the brink of crashing, due to a combination of exhaustion and being given a sleeping pill accidentally by his sister-in-law Lisa. Now we are back to the present time (1995) and we find out that this year is no exception!!!
68 22 S3E22 "My Boyfriend's Back!" May 11, 1995 Michael Lembeck Victor Fresco & Victor Levin
Paul is shooting a new movie about Pete, the last milkman in New York and neither he or Jamie can't seem to find time in their busy schedules, but they manage to plan on being together for pizza on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, Jamie and Fran have a new account, Ralphy's Diner and they're working on his new ad campaign. Ralphy tells Jamie and Fran that he's brought in a graphic artist as well, which turns out to be Jamie's ex-boyfriend Alan Tofsky. Both have different ideas for the as ad campaign and Lisa can see that this is not going to work out. When Jamie mentions that Alan has a new comic book, Ira says that Mega Void is going to be huge. When Jamie, Lisa and Ira go to Ira's friend's comic book store, Ira introduces Jamie to Mikey (the owner). Mikey recognizes Jamie, but he can't figure out how and he mentions that Alan will have an autograph appearance at his store. Soon we discover that Alan has drawn the evil villain in the Mega Void comic, Queen Talon, after Jamie and some of the plot is based on incidents from their relationship. Jamie claims that the comic book depiction does not bother her and she says that Alan always has to have the last word, so she's taking the high road on this, but in reality this bothers her. On pizza night and after confronting Alan at the signing session, Jamie starts to wonder if she's evil as Alan Depicts her. She asks Paul after taking a walk and he tells her what he thinks.
69 23 S3E23 "Up in Smoke" May 18, 1995 Michael Lembeck Part 1: Jeffrey Lane (Story), Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn & Jeffrey Klarik (Teleplay)
Part 2: Jack Burditt & Jeffrey Lane
On their third wedding anniversary, Paul and Jamie go out with their friends to a strangely new ritzy nightclub called The Twilight Room. But afterward, Paul and Jamie's night out turns into "The Twilight Zone" when they slide in time into a parallel world where all evidence that they have ever met disappears, including their memories of each other. Now confined to this world as if Paul and Jamie never met; Paul is a free spirited man living with Ira, and Jamie is still a wealthy executive living with her boyfriend Alan.