The second season of the sitcom Mad About You originally aired on NBC between September 16, 1993 and May 19, 1994.

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The second season consists of 24 episodes.

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23 1 S2E1 "Murray's Tale" September 16, 1993 Thomas Schlamme Billy Grundfest
Lisa manages to lose Paul and Jamie's dog, Murray, when she takes him out for a walk, and returns with another Collie breed Jamie knows isn't the real Murray since the dog responds to commands, which prompts an all night search by Lisa and Ira in the park, Fran with Paul's listless and un-energetic cameraman, Warren, in her car and a trip by Jamie and Paul to the police station.
24 2 S2E2 "Bing, Bang, Boom" September 23, 1993 Lee Shallat Billy Grundfest & Paul Reiser
Paul takes the night off from work so he and Jamie can spend the night together. Each time they start to be romantic, something interrupts: Murray running across the bed, wrong music, phone calls, and more.
25 3 S2E3 "Bedfellows" September 30, 1993 Thomas Schlamme Danny Jacobson
Paul's father Burt has a small heart attack. While he is in the hospital, Paul & Jamie stay with his mother Sylvia. Sylvia manages to make her backhand compliments to Jamie and Paul's sister, while treating Paul still as a young child.
26 4 S2E4 "Married to the Job" October 7, 1993 Thomas Schlamme Russ Woody
After a hard day at work, the Buchmans go out to eat at Riff's Bar/Restaurant where Paul complains about his meddlesome new producer, Lou Bonaparte, for his latest documentary film about New York City, and Jamie counters with all about her sexist, credit-grabbing boss, who happens to be sitting quite near them.
27 5 S2E5 "So I Married a Hair Murderer" October 14, 1993 Thomas Schlamme Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn
Since Jamie is now out of a job, she is restless and finds things to do that end up annoying Paul.
28 6 S2E6 "The Unplanned Child" October 28, 1993 Thomas Schlamme Jack Burditt
On Halloween night, Paul forgets to tell Jamie that they're suppose to baby-sit for his 10-year-old nephew, and Jamie is forced to take him out trick or treating when Paul is delayed at work when Lou forces Paul to help do further editing for his latest film.
29 7 S2E7 "Natural History" November 4, 1993 Thomas Schlamme Steve Paymer
Paul & Jamie argue over her plan to set Lisa up with a date. He thinks Lisa should meet someone on her own, they way he & Jamie met. Jamie says fate brought she and Paul together. We see Paul & Jamie's first meeting through a flashback.
30 8 S2E8 "Surprise" November 11, 1993 Lee Shallat Beth Fieger Falkenstein (Story)
Jeffrey Lane (Teleplay)
Jamie suspects Paul is planning to throw her a surprise 30th birthday party for her, but that's not the surprise Paul has planned, but neither is getting separated in the subway before the night can begin which involves Paul taking Jamie to an opera.
31 9 S2E9 "A Pair of Hearts" November 18, 1993 Tom Moore Danny Jacobson
Jamie and Paul travel with Ira and Fran for the weekend in Atlantic City where Ira's long-estranged wife, Marianne, who works as the casino hostess, arranges their weekend for them. But Paul is not fond of the memories he has of Marianne who deserted Ira nearly 20 years ago, and who wants Ira to sign divorce papers for her to get married again.
32 10 S2E10 "It's a Wrap" December 2, 1993 Tom Moore Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn
Paul enjoys his work and is upset when Lou wants to cut three minutes out of his latest film. Jamie is looking for a new job and not sure what she really wants to do. Jamie sets Fran up with Lou on a double-date.
33 11 S2E11 "Edna Returns" December 9, 1993 Tom Moore Jack Burditt (Story)
Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn (Teleplay)
Jamie becomes upset when Lisa comes into her own, under a pseudonym, as the "saddest chapter" in her therapist's book, which blames Jamie as the "overbearing" sister for all the problems in her life despite the fact that it's Lisa who is the overbearing and obnoxious type.
34 12 S2E12 "Paul Is Dead" January 6, 1994 Lee Shallat Russ Woody (Story) and Billy Grundfest (Story/Teleplay)
Paul and Jamie spend the entire weekend broke and in a limbo state when another man named Paul Buchman dies and the bank mistakenly freezes their bank account. The Buchmans end up attending the funeral of the other Paul Buchman to find out what kind of man he was.
35 13 S2E13 "Same Time Next Week" January 13, 1994 Thomas Schlamme Jeffrey Lane and Danny Jacobson
Paul has a documentary project for two months in Chicago, and he flies to/from New York. Each weekend return home brings different reactions from each of them.
36 14 S2E14 "The Late Show" January 27, 1994 Thomas Schlamme Andrew Gordon and Eileen Conn
Fran and Ira both tell Jamie and Paul two different versions of their problems when Fran worries that she might be pregnant following her tryst in Atlantic City with Ira (from ep. 'A Pair of Hearts'). Later, they all somehow get involved in painting Fran's apartment when the different versions of their secrets get out of control.
37 15 S2E15 "Virtual Reality" February 3, 1994 Thomas Schlamme Danny Jacobson and Jeffrey Lane
Ira talks Paul into investing in a virtual reality system. Jamie objects to him spending their money without consulting her, but Paul refuses to admit he is wrong. He talks her into trying the system, and they both live out virtual fantasies. With an appearance by Christie Brinkley.
38 16 S2E16 "Cold Feet" February 10, 1994 Thomas Schlamme Danny Jacobson and Jeffrey Lane
Paul and Jamie meet at Rockefeller Center ice rink on Valentines Day for an anniversary skate. They think back to three years previous when they searched for their first apartment and got engaged.
39 17 S2E17 "Instant Karma" February 14, 1994 Lee Shallat Beth Fieger Falkenstein (Story/Teleplay), Dana Reston (Story) and Frank Lombardi (Story)
Paul and Jamie go to a Chinese restaurant with Fran and Ira. Jamie's cookie predicts bad luck follows the guilty. Paul misses a phone call from Yoko Ono, a can almost hits him, etc., and he thinks he has the bad luck from the fortune cookie.
40 18 S2E18 "The Tape" February 24, 1994 Tom Moore Paul Reiser
Paul submits a zoo documentary to the Family Network and is waiting to hear if they accept it. As Jamie cleans out closets, she finds a tape which has Paul & Jamie being romantic. They play the video and find it is the zoo documentary.
41 19 S2E19 "Love Letters" March 10, 1994 Tom Moore Jeffrey Klarik
As Mr Wicker fixes the toilet in their apartment, they find a pack of love letters from a previous tenant from WWII behind the wall. Jamie reads the letters and she sees a parallel between the lives in the letter and her and Paul's life.
42 20 S2E20 "The Last Scampi" April 7, 1994 Tom Moore Billy Grundfest
Paul and Jamie go out to eat with both sets of parents. Later, each set complains about the other over the last scampi at the restaurant. Paul and Jamie refuse to take sides of the argument. Lisa plays one set of parents against the other.
42 21 S2E21 "Disorientation" April 28, 1994 Tom Moore Jack Burditt and Jeffrey Lane
It's the first day of school and Jamie is reluctant about going, being the "new kid on the block", she's afraid that when she goes to the cafeteria, she will have her fish sticks and since she doesn't know anybody, she will eat alone and is using the excuse that Paul doesn't want her to go. Paul, along with Lisa Ira and Fran, throw a small surprise party that morning for Jamie's first day of school. Jamie is ready to go, and Paul finds an envelope containing her prepayment for tuition and registration that he forgot to mail. Paul finds out from the college, that he can pay the tuition today, so he decides to rush to the college with Ira and has Fran and Lisa stall Jamie. When Paul and Ira arrive at the college, they pay the tuition, but they find out that each course card must be signed by the department head. Paul enlists Ira, Fran and Lisa to go to the department heads; Paul for intermediate French, Lisa to logic, Fran for Psychology, Ira to Ethics as they all have to pose as Jamie and beg, bribe and outwit each department head for their signature and get Jamie registered, before she arrives.
43 22 S2E22 "Storms We Cannot Weather" May 5, 1994 David Steinberg Danny Jacobson
Paul wants to film a restaurant for a documentary and runs into Mark, Fran's ex-husband. He is back in New York. Jamie sets Fran up on a blind date.
44 23 S2E23 "Up All Night" May 12, 1994 Michael Lemback Jeffrey Klarik
Jamie's insomnia prompts an all-night adventure for her and Paul when they get locked outside their apartment, which takes them from the basement of their building in a futile attempt to find their superintendent, Mr. Wicker, to let them back into their flat, which ends when they find themselves on the roof watching a climactic tango with the building's new tenant: John Astin.
45 24 S2E24 "With This Ring" May 19, 1994 Tom Moore Part 1: Jeffrey Lane
Part 2: Jeffrey Lane (Story/Teleplay) and Danny Jacobson (Story)
In the one-hour season final, on their second wedding anniversary, Paul loses his wedding ring, prompting a frantic search behind Jamie's back to find it. Meanwhile, the newborn baby of a neighborhood couple causes Jamie to begin thinking about having one herself.