Romantic Improvisations is the premiere episode of Mad About You, which aired for the first time on September 23, 1992.

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Paul and Jamie Buchman are newlyweds living in a comfortable existence in a Manhattan high-rise apartment. Paul is a documentary film maker and Jamie is a public relations executive. After five months of marriage, Paul and Jamie are forced to schedule time alone together, only they both forget to cancel plans made with their friends in the building. Their friends are, Lisa Stemple, Jamie's older and equally neurotic single sister; Jay Selby, Paul's bachelor-slob friend, Dr. Mark Devanow, a wealthy gynecologist, and his wife Fran.

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  • Tommy Hinkley as Jay Selby

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  • Jamie says that the kid who walks the dog doesn't come until late in the afternoon. Later in the series we find out that Paul and Jaime have never had anyone walk their dog when they hire Nat to walk Murry.

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Fran Devanow: I just need ice.
Paul Buchman: Maybe you can chip some off my wife's mood.